Our Mission

At Vi-LiDAR, we know there’s a better way to operate. Our mission is to create a Safer and Smarter workplace that benefits both clients and the environment.

“Success is ensuring that those who believed in you reap the rewards.”

We believe that businesses can succeed while also being responsible and ethical. That’s why we’ve developed cutting-edge LiDAR-based machine vision systems to help businesses grow safer and more efficient every day.

Our Story

As automation expert, Vincent noticed the significance of enabling machines to “perceive” changes in their surrounding, which will greatly enhance production efficiency, ensure safety,

In 2020, Vi-LiDAR emerged with a mission to merge LiDAR technology with industrial automation, devoted to delivering more efficient and intelligent machine vision solutions to clients.

In the upcoming decade, Vi-LiDAR strives to maintain its leadership in LiDAR innovation, providing exceptional industrial automation solutions to global enterprises. Our unwavering commitment lies in meeting customer demands and collaborating closely with clients to embark on a future that is both intelligent and efficient.

Our Promise

“Always be true to our client”–

Profit matters but reputation measurement systems, laser scanners, distance meters and different components for several kinds of industries. Our customers use the laser-based measurement systems in order to improve the quality of their products and services as well as to enhance process productivity.

Quality and safety is the primary goal of our actions – in terms of a permanent customer satisfaction we want to meet all your requirements about our products and services.

For this reason we are proud to tell that we are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and SCC** 2011.

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