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In industrial industries such as logistics and warehousing, it is of great significance to obtain the volume and quantity of items and grasp the status of items entering and leaving the warehouse for production inventory management.

Taking coal volume measurement in coal storage and production fields as an example, in order to understand the situation of coal entering and leaving the warehouse, manual coal volume monitoring is usually carried out by hand-held total stations. However, this traditional solution has always faced problems such as lack of technical means, large measurement errors, low efficiency of manual management, and difficult supervision.

Common Coal Warehouse Scenarios

In coal or similar static scenes, since the scene itself does not have high requirements for response time, by using lidar and extending the scanning time of lidar, using time for space to give full play to the advantages of non-repeated scanning, dense point cloud density can be obtained , to provide more refined data for customer needs.

Vi-LiDAR Technology takes advantage of this feature and develops an intelligent measurement system with accurate data and real-time update for the pain points of the coal industry.

Intelligent Inventory System | Shanwei Technology

Heap measurement, especially how to improve the accuracy of large-scale heap volume measurement, has been a problem that has plagued the coal industry for many years. Normal large-scale piles generally have more than 10,000 tons. Even if the measurement error can be controlled within 1%, the value loss is as high as more than 10 million yuan. It can be seen that improving the accuracy of large-scale volume measurement has important practical significance for enterprises to strengthen material management and calculate material consumption.

The traditional method of measuring the volume of large coal ore piles usually uses a total station and RTK single-point measurement method, and requires manual extraction of feature points. However, because large coal ore piles are usually inconvenient to climb, it is extremely difficult to extract precise feature points; at the same time, the single-point measurement method has low data density and cannot accurately obtain the volume of coal ore piles, resulting in extremely low operating efficiency.

Aiming at the pain point of this industry, Shanwei Technology has developed a set of intelligent inventory system by using multi-sensors such as laser radar and camera. The system makes full use of the accurate collection of distance information by laser radar to realize 3D modeling of target objects, uses AI algorithm to automatically measure the volume of coal and updates it in real time, and can intuitively control the warehouse situation on the WEB side.

The system can directly complete the specified inventory plan, timing data collection, automatic three-dimensional point cloud generation, automatic stitching to form the overall volume data, automatic calculation of the volume of the pile in the set area, automatic generation of calculation reports and other functions, and achieve high efficiency and high precision. Automate inventory management.

Warehouse 3D visualization

Coal pile real-time point cloud

Warehouse Inventory Management | Wuyi Yuntong

Traditional measurement methods usually require manual periodic inventory to estimate inventory; at the same time, due to the limited detection distance and angle, the single data is difficult to synchronize in real time

Through the combination of lidar and pan/tilt, Wuyi Yuntong can select the appropriate flexible erection equipment on the roof of the warehouse, covering a wider range, and providing a flexible and all-round layout plan for the entire warehouse scene. By splicing multi-point cloud files, the entire warehouse inventory can be displayed in three dimensions, and the dynamic real-time information interaction of warehouse closing/warehouse item accumulation can be implemented in an all-round way; at the same time, combined with positioning and virtual fence technology, the point cloud can be segmented and managed, intelligent, Real-time dynamic measurement and calculation of volume and measurement; realize full-time and spatial dynamic information collection and fusion, and achieve flexible and accurate active safety control of warehouse items and collaborative management of entry and exit.

3D modeling diagram of coal warehouse

Both of the above two schemes use lidar point cloud to upgrade unstructured image data to structured 3D data, and not only provide the basic functions of traditional visual supervision while completing quantitative measurement in a cost-effective, scientific and accurate manner Avoid the risk of theft; also expand the regulatory boundary through the dimension increase and increase of data, which greatly strengthens the real-time and deterrent nature of data supervision in the traditional coal industry, which has breakthrough significance for solving the pain points of the industry.

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