The VI-K20 series LiDAR is a navigation-type sinVIe-line LiDAR suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It offers a maximum Field Of View (FOV) of 270°, a high scanning frequency of up to 50Hz, and a minimum angular resolution of 0.075°.

Designed with industrial-grade protective casing, VI-K20 series LiDAR meets the stringent accuracy and reliability requirements of industries such as mining and metallurgy, particularly for applications like obstacle avoidance and collision prevention.

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TypeVI -K20
Laser Source905nm,Class 1, eye safety(IEC 60825-1)
Sample Rate72KHz
Detection Range0.2-20m
Scanning Range0.2-20m@10%
Scanning Frequency15/25/50Hz
Aperture AnVIe270°
Angular Resolution0.075/0.125/0.25°
Repeat Accuracy±20mm
Power ConsumptionTypical: ≤5W
Supply VoltageDC10~32V, 0.5A@DC24V;    1A@DC12V
Connection TypePower supply:DC5.5-2.1 female-seat; Communication: RJ45; I/O:12-pin cable
Connection TypePower, Ethernet, Remote signal(NPN), Synchronization
InterfaceTemperature*1; Ethernet*1; Remote signal*5; Remote control*4; Synchronization *1
Ambient DataTemperature: -20℃~+55℃;Humidity:0%~95%
DimensionsRear Exit:102mm×102mm×117mm
Ambient Light Immunity80000lux
Enclosure RatingIP65/67
*Product performance is based on testing in a controlled environment. Your results may vary due to several external and environmental factors.

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VI-K20 Datasheet

VI-K20 User Manual