VI-VMS-C: LiDAR-based volume measurement for Conveyor Belt



VI-VMS-C is a conveyor belt volume measurement system based on LiDAR technology. This system can solve the problem of measuring bulk material volume, providing real-time and accurate volume data. Used in conjunction with a belt scale, it provides reliable support for material management in production. The system has high accuracy, flexible installation, and customization options, and can meet the needs of different industries and production scenarios.

Real-time volume measurement

VI-VMS-C system can accurately measure the volume of bulk materials on the conveyor belt, helping you to grasp the real-time situation of the materials.

Cooperate with belt scales

System can provide data such as instantaneous material quantity (m³/h), cumulative material quantity (m³), conveying speed (m/s), and bulk density (kg/m³) in conjunction with belt scales.

Wifi and remote network control

Through network connection, users can remotely monitor and control the conveyor belt volume measurement system, and conveniently manage the production process.

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