VI-VMS-W: LiDAR-based volume measurement for warehouse



VI-VMS-W is a LiDAR-based inventory system that offers real-time monitoring, high-precision measurement, and inventory visualization. The system has a fully automatic inventory function and fast scanning speed that can save time. It can output the 3D model of the warehouse bulk, which provides an intuitive understanding of the volume and distribution of the inventory. It can automatically identify non-bulk objects to avoid measurement errors using an integrated machine-learning algorithm. The dust filtering algorithm also improves measurement accuracy.

Machine learning/AI

The system integrates machine learning algorithms to automatically recognize non-bulk objects in the warehouse, such as personnel, operating vehicles, and equipment, to avoid measurement errors.

60m*60m large scale

A single-volume measurement unit can cover an area of 60m × 60m. Users can set the scanning range according to the actual situation of the warehouse or use multiple volume measurement units to adapt to different warehouse sizes.

anti-dusty filter algorithm

The system integrates multi-echo objects detection algorithm for filtering dust, which effectively improves the accuracy of volume measurement and ensures that you obtain accurate and reliable inventory data.

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