Streamlining Logistic Operations with Automated VMS-L: Volume Measurement For Logistics


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In the fast-paced world of logistics, accurate and efficient volume measurement plays a critical role in optimizing operations and minimizing costs. This blog post explores a real-life success story where Vi-LiDAR’s advanced technology revolutionized the volume measurement process for a logistics service provider, improving efficiency and reducing manual efforts.

Customer Background:

Our client is a specialized logistics company catering to large-scale factories like Lenovo. With a daily influx of 100 trucks carrying various goods, the client faced the challenge of manually counting, scanning, and measuring the volume of each batch for inventory management and freight calculations.

Pain Points:

Logistic Package Measured By Manual
Logistic Package Measured By Manual

The manual measurement process proved to be time-consuming, affecting goods’ entry into the warehouse. Moreover, the accuracy of manual measurements was compromised, leading to potential errors in freight calculations. Additionally, dedicated measurement personnel had to be stationed at the measurement window, risking missed registration and requiring subsequent manual verification in the warehouse.

Vi-LiDAR Volume Measurement Solution:

Introducing Vi LiDAR’s fully automated logistics volume – Vi-LiDAR (, which not only simplifies the volume calculation process but also seamlessly integrates with existing ERP systems. The VI-VMS-L system offers several advantages, addressing the pain points of our client effectively.

98% Accuracy: The system integrates state-of-the-art laser sensors, ensuring measurement accuracy of over 98%. This level of precision eliminates errors caused by manual measurement and guarantees reliable volume data.

At speeds of up to 5km/h: VI-VMS-L is designed for dynamic volume measurement, allowing goods to pass through the measurement system at speeds of up to 5km/h. This eliminates the need for stoppages, enabling continuous workflow and drastically reducing processing time.

Tailored Algorithm for Logistics: VI-VMS-L incorporates a specialized algorithm specifically developed for the logistics industry. It takes into account potential distortions caused by stretch films or wrapping materials on goods, providing accurate volume measurements even in such scenarios.


Volume Measurement Results and Benefits:

After implementing Vi LiDAR’s VI-VMS-L system, our client experienced significant improvements in their logistics operations. The key benefits included:

Streamlined Workflow: The automated volume measurement process eliminated the need for manual intervention, reducing dependency on measurement personnel and minimizing bottlenecks in the entry process.

Enhanced Accuracy: The system’s high-precision laser sensors ensured reliable and consistent volume measurements, eliminating errors and discrepancies in freight calculations.

Cost Reduction: By automating the volume measurement process, the client achieved substantial cost savings by reducing manual labor requirements and optimizing operational efficiency.

Volume Measurement For Logistic
Volume Measurement For Logistic


The successful implementation of Vi LiDAR’s VI-VMS-L system transformed our client’s logistics operations, revolutionizing the way volume measurements are conducted. By embracing automation and leveraging advanced technology, the client overcame the limitations of manual measurement, boosting efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.

If you’re seeking a solution to streamline your logistics operations and optimize volume measurement, Vi LiDAR’s VI-VMS-L system offers the perfect solution. Contact us today to explore how our cutting-edge technology can revolutionize your logistics processes and drive success in your industry.

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