The VI-K series LiDAR is a measurement-type 2D LiDAR suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It provides an effective measurement range of up to 100 meters for targets with 10% reflectivity. With a maximum scanning angle of 270° and a higher scanning frequency of up to 100Hz, a minimum angular resolution of 0.0625°.

Designed with an industrial-grade protective casing, VI-K series LiDAR meets the stringent reliability and high-performance requirements of industries such as mining, metallurgy, ports, and energy. It is well-suited for applications including obstacle avoidance, positioning, load detection, and material handling.

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Scanning Frequency144KHz36KHz144KHz
Detection Range0.1-45m0.1-80m0.1-80m
Detection Range45m@90%,15m@10%80m@90%,30m@10%80m@90%,30m@10%
Scanning Frequency25/50/100Hz25/50Hz25/50/100Hz
Aperture AnVIe270°270°270°
Angular Resolution0.0625/0.125/0.25°0.25/0.5°0.0625/0.125/0.25°
Repeat Accuracy±20mm±20mm±20mm
Power ConsumptionTypical:≤15W,Heating: ≤55WTypical: ≤10W,Heating: ≤50WTypical: s15W,Heating: ≤55W
Input VoltageDC10~32V,recommend:DC24V,start-up current:2A@DC24V
Connection TypePower Interface:6/5/5-pin(LiDAR, Heater),

Communication Interface:7/4/4-pin(Ethernet, RS232/RS485),

IO:9/8*2/8*2-pin(remote signal, remote control, Synchronization , Encoder, CAN)

InterfacePower Interface*1,Ethernet*1,YX:2/2/2,YK;2/3/,Synchronization:1/0/1,R5232/RS485*1(Optional),CAN:0/1/0,Encoder input:0/1/0
Ambient DataTemperature: -20℃~+55℃;Humidity:0%~95%
Ambient Light Immunity80000lux
Enclosure RatingIP67/68
*Product performance is based on testing in a controlled environment. Your results may vary due to several external and environmental factors.

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VI-K15(30) Datasheet

VI-K15(30) User Manual