The VI-T/G series products are essential products developed by Vi LiDAR for achieving high-precision 3D point cloud scanning and modeling. With an Angular resolution of up to 0.0001°, these products are suitable for scenarios that demand high accuracy, such as the mining industry for positioning, automatic inventory management, and 3D point cloud applications.

VI LiDAR is committed to collaborating closely1 with users to gain in-depth insights into on-site applications. we provide protective casings and offer a rich SDK (Software Development Kit), open protocol interfaces, open-source integration code, and robust technical support to facilitate the seamless integration of our products into your system


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Sample Rate144KHz72KHz36KHz
Aperture Angle270°270°270°
Detection Range30m@10%60m@10%100m@10%
Scanning Angle180°
Swivel Speed0 . 01~30/s(Configurable)
Angular Resolution 0.0001°
Weight, Dimensions21.5±0.1Kg(Platform+LiDAR);650mmx24mmx262mm
Input Voltage                            Voltage:AC220V±20%;Start-up current:1A@AC220V@Platform
Power ConsumptionTypical: ≤81WTypical: ≤81WTypical: ≤86W
Power Interface                                      Platform:AC220V*1/LiDAR:DC24V
Communication InterfacePlatform:Ethernet*3(Motion controller, LiDAR, Platform);I/O*1
Communication Protocol Platform: Private protocol/Motion controller: TRIO protocol/LiDAR: TIP private protocol/Platform
Operating Temperature-20℃~+55℃
Operating Humidity0%~95%
GeneralVibration resistance IEC 60068-2-6/Shock resistance IEC 60068-2-27
Enclosure Rating                                                 IP65
*Product performance is based on testing in a controlled environment. Your results may vary due to several external and environmental factors.

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VI-T/G Datasheet

VI-T/G User Manual