The VI-TK series three-dimensional laser scanner is developed by VI LiDAR, specifically for bulk material applications. This product features an integrated design of LiDAR and PTZ(Pan–tilt–zoom) for 180° horizontal swinging. During the swinging process, the LiDAR scans the material pile below in real-time, generating three-dimensional point cloud. Combining the data from multiple three-dimensional laser scanners, it produces results such as pile volume and height.

The VI-TK series is known for its lightweight construction, flexible deployment, and high cost-effectiveness.

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Sample Rate144K72K36K
Aperture AnVIe270°270°270°
Scanning Frequency12.5/25/50Hz12.5/25/50Hz12.5/25/50Hz
Angular Resolution0.0625/0.125°0.125°/0.25°/0.5°0.125°/0.25°/0.5°
Scanning Range5~130m@10%60m@10%5~100m@10%
Laser Divergence≤6mrad≤6mrad≤4*10mrad
Measurement Accuracy±50mm±50mm±50mm
Repeat Accuracy±50mm±50mm±50mm
Power ConsumptionTypical: ≤15W, Heating: ≤55WTypical: ≤15W, Heating: ≤55WTypical: ≤15W, Heating: ≤55W
Swivel Speed0.1°~15/S(Configurable)
Scanning AnVIe180°
AnVIe Resolution±0.1°
Repeat Accuracy±0.1°
Input VoltageDC24V
Ambient DataTemperature:-30℃~+60℃,Humidity:90%±3%
Enclosure RatingIP65
Embedded SoftwareReceive LiDAR data, receive  platform data, control  Platform, LiDAR status detection, (standard)

3D point cloud conversion, output point cloud data,(Optional)

*Product performance is based on testing in a controlled environment. Your results may vary due to several external and environmental factors.

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VI-TK Datasheet

VI-TK User Manual