Introducing the Vi LiDAR 3D Vision Robot Guidance System:


Robot Guidance System

 a powerful solution designed for precise object localization and detection across large areas. This advanced system combines the capabilities of LiDAR technology and 3D vision, delivering exceptional object detection performance with utmost ease of use. Comprised of a 2D LiDAR and a rotating turret, our system ensures highly accurate data acquisition through a straightforward calibration process.

Robust 3D Vision System

Our system operates flawlessly in environments with up to 100klux, and thanks to the LiDAR’s intrinsic laser ranging principle, it can even function in low-light conditions while maintaining consistent detection accuracy.

High-Precision and Fast Scanning

With a high-speed scanning rate of 50Hz and the ability to capture detailed point clouds, our system guarantees thorough scanning of every object while ensuring swift operation.

User-Friendly System

In contrast to conventional camera-based AI recognition solutions that often require extensive training on large datasets with intricate 3D annotations, our LiDAR-based system leverages real 3D point clouds to accurately detect object positions, simplifying the recognition process.

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