VI-CAS-T: Collision Avoidance System For Train



VI-LiDAR Train Active Obstacle Detection System utilizes a highly reliable and secure software-hardware platform integrated with sensors to achieve safe and reliable obstacle detection. It provides multi-layered safety protection for operating trains, independent of the train signaling control system, making it the next generation safety equipment for trains, especially unmanned trains.

This innovative system combines a combination of long-range and short-range video sensors, utilizing a wide coverage for effective image acquisition. Coupled with high-definition point cloud data collected by a 3D laser radar, the system employs heterogeneous data fusion. With the powerful artificial intelligence deep learning algorithms on the onboard detection host, it achieves precise detection, proactive early warning, and braking for various obstacles in the track area. After deep learning, the system can detect objects within a distance of 8-280 meters, with a minimum object size of 25cm*25cm, and a false negative rate of less than 0.01% and a false positive rate of less than 0.01%.


Enhancing Train Driver Safety

It helps prevent frontal, rear-end, and side collisions, contributing to increased safety for trackside maintenance personnel and vehicles.

All-Weather, 24/7 Operation

Equipped with LiDAR, Radar, and cameras, the system operates normally in low-light conditions and during nighttime, ensuring uninterrupted performance even in rain, snow, or fog. Leveraging Vi-LiDAR Intelligent’s advanced algorithms, it guarantees reliable operation in challenging weather conditions.

Providing Vehicle Positioning and Localization

Predictive and automatic alerts assist train drivers in reacting faster to hazardous situations and maintaining proactive train control.

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