VI-VMS-L: Volume Measurement for Logistic



 VMS-L is a volume measurement system for logistic industry. The system can easily measure and record the volume data of logistics packages, thereby improving logistics efficiency and data management. The system has high-precision data collection and image recording functions, ensuring the accuracy and traceability of the measurement process. The system also has the ability to automatically detect unevenly loaded pallets, protruding objects, and deviations from standard pallets, as well as feasibility checks for stacking.


 98% accuracy, by 1m*1m*1m box


With a measurement speed of up to 3,000 pieces per hour. Compared with traditional manual measurement, the system can greatly shorten measurement time, improve work efficiency, and reduce labor costs.


The system can recognize and detect unevenly loaded pallets, protruding objects, deviations from pallet standards, and check whether the goods are stackable. 

Data docking

Equipped with a data docking function, which can achieve information synchronization and sharing with your logistics management system. 

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