VI-VMS-S: Volume Measurement based-on LiDAR for Silo



The Vi-LiDAR silo inventory system is designed to accurately measure the volume and weight of solid materials, such as grain, stored in cylindrical silos. The system utilizes multi-point scanning and ranging technology to capture data on the materials inside the silo, which is then processed using advanced algorithms to create a three-dimensional image model of the surface of the material pile.

Using this model, along with other key parameters and algorithms, the system is able to calculate and display important information such as the volume and weight of the material stored within the silo. This information can be displayed for single or multiple silos, providing users with a comprehensive view of their inventory level

Non-contact Volume Measurement

LiDAR sensors do not directly contact the materials, making them very reliable when handling heavy, bulky materials. This prevents equipment from getting stuck in the material or falling from the bottom of the silo, reducing the risk of structural and equipment damage. There is no need to replace probes or cables that wear out over time. Reducing material contact helps ensure a long service life, preventive maintenance, and lower costs.

3D Multi-Silo Inventory System

The system scans the surface of the material and can detect conical rise or fall, as well as build-up that may be present along the sides of the container. By using advanced LiDAR and algorithms to process data from multiple measurement points and combining it with silo parameters loaded into the software, it provides highly accurate volume estimates. It also offers additional data, such as the highest, lowest, and average levels of the material.

Self-cleaning Sensor Minimizes Maintenance

The unique design and materials of the Vi-LiDAR3D scanner ensure that the surface resists the accumulation of dust particles suspended at the top of the silo. Additionally, the system integrates an ultrasonic mirror dust removal device, which generates barely perceptible vibrations, helping to keep the interior of the scanner clean.

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Case Studies

3D vision is been a part of automation, here are some client cases, who chose Vi-LiDAR solution to make the production safer, smarter, and more efficient

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